Vulgar racist shows his true colors...again

Trump calls Haiti and African countries "shitholes"

January 11, 2018

Not that anyone should be surprised anymore, but the disgusting, racist head of the executive branch doesn't like the fact that we accept immigrants from "shithole" countries like Haiti and African countries, and thinks we should instead bring people in from places like Norway.

Ignoring the possible impact this may make on the actual immigration policy they're working on now, and ignoring the constitutionality of Trump's statements and what would happen if he tried to actually do that - what he said stinks of racism, not even a month after he said that everyone in Haiti had AIDS and Nigerians all lived in huts.

These are not one-time goofs, or statements that are taken out of context. They are part of a consistent pattern that you have to be blind, either willingly or otherwise, not to see. Everything from birtherism, to "look at my African American", to his old real estate racial bias troubles, to his "very fine people" among the Nazis.

The next round of elections is in 10 months. When you're looking at your ballot, stop and look at these people, and see how many of them stuck with Trump during times like this, and decide if these are really the kinds of people you want running the country.